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We are not just a gym

We are the best gym. And the best gym simply must offer complex services.

Sauna & relax room

Enjoy some more of the best human inventions

Yes, there is a free sauna in each of the locker rooms. But you can also clear your mind & ease your thoughts in our large Finnish sauna with relax room – common for both men and women. In the relax room, we tried to create a perfect relaxing atmosphere – tell us, how did we do?


Personal training

Train smart

Hiring a coach is not only for the rich or professional bodybuilders. Let a personal trainer teach you how to train correctly, adequately and smart for your goals and health. This investment is for life.You can book a session by phone, filling out the contact form or in person at the NRG fitness reception.

60 minutes600 CZK
11 trainings6 000 CZK
23 trainings12 000 CZK
1-on-2 personal training400 CZK/person

Diagnostics & counselling

Data is power

Is it fat, is it muscle? Don’t guess, we’ll tell you. Let our professional Bodystat machine assess your body composition and tell you the truth. Book a Bodystat body composition analysis including the data interpretation at our reception.

30 minutes350 CZK


Know the power of regeneration

Don’t make the typical rookie mistake. Take your time to recover from all the hard work you’ve done in the gym. Take your time to give your muscles proper care – by our profi masseuse.

Sport & Health Massage:

30 minutes400 CZK
60 minutes700 CZK
90 minutes900 CZK

Relaxation Massage:

45 minutes500 CZK
90 minutes900 CZK


Summer tan all year round

You don’t have to say goodbye to your summer tan. Enjoy our horizontal UWE solarium whenever you want – after your workout or even without it. It can be raining cats and dogs outside, your tan will still flourish. To use the solarium, just stop by the reception and tell us.

1 minute13 CZK

“Úplně nejlepší posilovna, v jaké jsem kdy byla. Je zde super personál, je to tu velice čisté a lekce zdarma jsou dokonalé. Díky!"
Zuzana D.