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Group classes

Our classes are filled with fun, energy and motivation. Join them!

All group classes are included in gym entry or membership.

Choose your class

What do you want to work on? Your strength, cardio, flexibility, all of it?

Ranní jóga (Morning yoga), Lunch yoga

Low intensity

Body & Mind, Yoga

Calming your breath, focusing on every move. Use this class as a ticket to a Happier You.

Strength classes

Medium intensity

Push&Pull, Břicho a Pozadí (Abs & Booty)

A proper, intense, full-body strength training in 60 minutes? No problem!

Complex classes

Medium intensity

Bodystyling, Total Body, Inferno

Do you want everything at once? Here you go: Strength & conditioning in one class.

Cardio classes

High intensity

HIIT, Metabolic, Bootcamp 2.0

Fall in love with cardio-work! These classes are the best way to burn calories and feel amazing.

High intensity cardio classes

Very high intensity

Fire Flames

Get ready to sweat, burn and reach beyond your limits. And a lot of burpees.

Dance classes

Medium intensity

Slay It

Sometimes, all you need is move to the rhythm. Learn some new moves and enjoy great fun!

Lesson information

How much, how can I book & everything else you need to know about our classes.

What's the price for a group class?
0 CZK. All classes are included in the price of any entry or membership.
How can I book a group class?
Quite simply and you can choose from two ways:
A) in person at the reception, no later than 30 minutes before the start of the class B) via online booking system and mobile application
We do not accept previous personal or telephone reservations.
To make an online reservation, you need to have a free customer account and a credit of at least CZK 60 for each booked lesson.
Can I attend more classes in one day with a membership?
Yes, you can.
What if I need to cancel the class?
Call us on +420 601 101 194 and we'll cancel your attendance and see if there's any fee."

Our instructors

During classes, they usually scream at you, motivate you and push you. Who are they, though? Friendly professionals who love their job.

Peter König

Fire Flames, Push&Pull

Lucie Hřebíčková

Ranní jóga (Morning yoga)

Monika Spáčilová

Metabolic a Total Body

Martina Malíková


"Funkční zóna je parádní, měsíční challenge za výhry jsou super zpestření tréningů a lidi ve fitku již patří mezi mé blízké přátelé. Pokračujte v dobré práci."
Marek T.